Dorina Tessmann was born in Prenzlau in 1971. She studied at the Kunsthochschule in Weißensee,
Berlin and the Ècole d` Art in Marseille and in 1998 was awarded a degree in communications
design, majoring in illustration.

After her completing her studies Dorina etablished her own studio in Berlin. She began designing posters, signs and cards of all kinds and creates illustrations for books and magazines. Her work
began to be used by various German publishing houses and periodicals, including Berliner Verlag,
Cornelson Schulbuchverlag, Gruner & Jahr, MAX, Axel Springer, the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung,
The Financial Times, the Sächsische Zeitung und Seitenstraßenverlag - Das Magazin.

In 1997 Dorina showed a range of her works in the Mainz Art Prize for Illustration exhibition in the Eisenturm in Mainz.

In 2001 Dorina`s designs won the << Magazine-Kater >> competition, held to find a new version of the famous << Kater >> (cat) mascot for Werner Klemke`s Das Magazin. Dorina`s << Kater >> joined the long tradtion of the magazine`s isonic mascot.

In 2002 Dorin`s work was selected for the Illustrator Show in Bologna, which takes place during the Bologna Children`s Book Rair. Being held at the same time as the world`s most important fair for children`s and young person`s books, the Illustrator Show offers artists a unique oppotunity to present works the most renowned publishers in this sector. As a result of Dorina`s involvement in this show and her co-operation with the Itabishi Art Museum in Tokyo, her work went on to be exhibited in numerous Japanese museums.

In 2002 one of Dorina`s illustrations was also selected for the Scarpetta d´Oro - From the Soules to the Sun copetition in Venice.

In 2003 Dorina has worked for various international publishing companies and agencies in South Korea in Spain, in France and in Italy.

In 2007 Dorina`s first children book, Giako and the Ecological Mice was published in cooperation with edizioni corsare in Italy. 2007 also saw the start of Dorina`s intensive cooperation with the moses publishing house in Germany. She now regulary creates unique playing cards for the house.

From 2000 to 2006 Dorina passed on some of her knowledge and experience to young people studying graphic design at the Grafik Design Schule Anklam, taking courses in Free Drawing and Technical Drawing. After this time she moved to the private graphic design school »btk« in Berlin. From 2007 to 2010 she teached the subjects »Form and Color«, »Creative Practice« and «Creative Illustration«.

In 2010 the artist visited Seoul, Korea. Here she was thrilled by the Korean culture and people

In spring 2012 she worked for her first book app in Korea. In June Dorina Tessmann was invited to enjoy children and their parents with her illustrations at the »PICNIC Festival« in Reggio Emilia in Italy.